Referral & Jewel Rewards Programmes


We are excite to introduce our loyalty programme to our customers! We value every purchase as well as visit to our store and hope this programme will create an enjoyable experience for all. 


Tell me more!
One is never enough and we created two for you. First is our Referral Programme where both you and your friend each can enjoy 15% OFF (no maximum cap amount) in your purchases. Second is our Jewel Rewards Programme where you can earn jewels for every RM1 spent in our store.


How it works

Referral Programme:
  1. Refer a friend to enjoy 15% OFF (no maximum cap amount) in your purchases for both you and your friend.
  2. Copy the link from the reward launcher and share it with a friend via social media or email.
  3. Your friend clicks on the link and enters his/her email to claim the reward by clicking 'Apply Code'.
  4. If your friend then go on to make a purchase, you as an advocate will be rewarded too!
  5. Note: if your friend has previously made a purchase with us before, he/she will not be able to use the referral link.  

Jewel Rewards Programme:
  1. Earn 2 jewels for every RM1 spent in our store.
  2. Customers will earn RM25 OFF entire order for every 250 jewels redeemed.
  3. Customers must redeem at least 250 jewels, up to a maximum of 1,000 jewels in each redemption.
  4. Minimum purchase amount of RM50 applies in order to use the jewels redemption.

Who can participate? Must I create an account?
Everyone can participate in this programme even customers who checkout as a guest. You will receive an email with information of the jewels you've earned. However, customers will need to create an account to earn jewels and to make redemptions. 

How can I earn more jewels in the programme?
Be rewarded with more jewels when you participate in the activities in the rewards launcher. Seize the opportunity to grab up to 450 jewels without any prior purchase!


My birthday is coming soon. How can I earn my birthday jewels?

Customers must enter their birthday in the reward launcher at least 30 days in advance to be rewarded.

I had previous purchases prior to the jewel programme launch...

No worries! You will still earn the jewels on the same basis. Please ensure you log in using the same email address when you made your prior purchases with us. If you need help, please feel free to Contact Us.

What else?

Just a note, the entire programme is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for neither cash nor any other value nor form.