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How do I care for my jewellery?

Note: Different gemstones react differently to heat, light, chemicals and scratching while some gemstones are quite durable. Read on for some general care tips for reference.  

  1. General care tips for precious metal and gemstones jewellery
  • Store jewellery separately either in pouches, boxes or compartment to avoid scratches.
  • Clean jewellery in mild detergents and warm water with a soft brush (not a toothbrush), rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. 
  • Do not wear metal jewellery when working with chemicals or swimming in chlorinated water.
  • Put it on last, take it off first - Apply lotion, perfumes, colognes, and hairsprays, etc. before putting on jewellery. Whenever possible, have your perfumes, colognes, etc. on areas where you do not get in contact with your jewellery. As for pearls, try to keep them out of contact with skin, whether or not you are wearing perfume, lotion, etc.
  1. General care tips for pearls
  • The above general care tips should be taken into consideration for pearls as well.
  • Pearls are very vulnerable to scratching, acids (even perspiration) and ammonia (which is found in many cleaners).
  • Never immerse pearl necklace in mild detergent mixture. This is to avoid getting excessive moisture in the drill holes. Instead, use a damp soft cloth and carefully wipe the pearls.  
  • Try to keep pearls out of contact with skin, whether or not you are wearing perfume, lotion, etc. If you wear your pearl jewellery against your skin, clean it before storing it. Pearls are sensitive to the acids in perspiration.
  • Avoid doing household, outdoor chores or sports activities while wearing pearls.