Meet Our Columnist - Carmen Ng

Hi, there! My name is Carmen and I'm the founder and owner of BLE & Co. Having past my midlife of everything (I mean age, career, family, etc.) I aspire to start this venture to cultivate skills and to share knowledge in the fine jewellery industry - and my humble aspiration to create job opportunities for a special community in our society. 

Educated in law, I have always been working in the corporate environment in different capacity but a lawyer nor a legal advisor. In my free time and when I'm not working on BLE & Co., I'm also an ashtanga practitioner (well, it is actually not "in my free time" but in fact a daily non-negotiable routine but at times it is really hard, you know 😉 ). 

That's briefly about me. Why do I start a fine jewellery business? That is something I will write about in my next blog post. Thank you for reading. 


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